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Security Sacks

Datashred Limited can provide heavy duty polypropylene sacks for the transportation of confidential data. 

Security SacksThese sacks can be used in any industry where confidentiality is an issue.  Ideal for the transportation of secure paper recycling products and with a simple pull-tight zip tie ensuring secure closure, the bags can take a maximum load of 20kg.

The zip ties are provided to the customer in sequential serial numbers.  This means that both the customer and Datashred can track the movement (via manual or electronic means) of the confidential items thus making them tamper evident.  In the unlikely event of a tie being removed (which can only be done so by cutting) and replaced by another, it will be obvious that the package has been tampered with since the serial numbers will not be sequential.

Unlike many of our competitors, Datashred does not set a required minimum number of sacks for collection, nor do we impose weight restrictions.