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Secure Paper Shredding

At Datashred we provide secure paper shredding services and we aim to recycle all the shredded paper we collect. We currently deliver over 100 tonnes per week to paper mills where they manufacture recycled pulp used in copier paper or tissue products. As well as your confidential waste we can also recycle your cardboard.

We treat all paper collected as confidential and believe it's simpler for your staff not to worry about sorting non-confidential from confidential paper. This negates the chance of confidential documents going into the wrong waste stream.

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Here are some facts you may not know:

1.  On average, each one of us in the UK uses 200kg of paper each year. About 61% of this paper is recycled - this could increase to 79% if we put more effort into recycling;
2.  Every year in the UK we use 12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard (source: Confederation of Paper Industries;
3.  As much as 83 km2  Christmas wrapping paper will be collected by our binmen (source:;
4.  The UK could save up to £800m against our balance of payments deficit by not importing new pulp.
5.  Office paper recycling is growing but still has  some way to go - use of office and printing paper amounts to 4.6 million tonnes per annum - 44% of the UK's total paper consumption, of which only 15% is actually recycled;
6.  An office worker will use 1584 sheets of A4 paper in a month - the larger the company, the more paper per worker will be wasted;
7.  A small company of around 40 people could save up to £40,000 per annum by introducing paper saving initiatives.

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