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Benefits of Secure Shredding

With regard to confidential data, there are a number of benefits of secure shredding:

Benefits of Secure Shredding

  • With mounting costs for the disposal of waste and the Government's commitment to raising landfill tax, you can ensure cost savings.
  • Breaches of confidentiality are avoided.  Any organisation not complying with the Data Protection Act 1998 may result in criminal prosecution and a maximum penalty of £5,000 plus costs in a Magistrates' Court or an unlimited fine in the Crown Court.
  • Help the environment by selecting secure shredding over landfill.  The shredded material goes directly to paper recycling facilities where it is baled and delivered to paper recycling mills.
  • Risk elimination.  Datashred ensures the shredding process is secure.  Once the confidential material has been shredded, a Certificate of Destruction will be issued by Datashred.

Why should we recycle paper?

If you ask “Why should we recycle paper?” ponder this: 17 trees are needed to produce 1 tonne of paper…